torek, 25. januar 2011

What is tofu made of

The short answer is: tofu is made of soy! Actually it is not made of soy but of soy milk.

Soy is the main ingredient in tofu. Other ingredients needed when making tofu are coagulant and water. This process is similar to cheese making.

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How is Tofu Made
Tofu is made by coagulating soy milk with salts such as calcium sulphate and pressing the resulting curds.

First, whole Soybeans are soaked in water and then ground down with water, the resulting liquid after straining is what makes soy milk.

The soy milk is then heated up and coagulated. The common coagulates are calcium sulfate, magnesium chloride and nigari. Less coagulant produces softer tofu, more of it produces harder tofu.

Once the majority of the milk is coagulated, the curded mixture is poured into a cheese cloth lined mold and allowed to sit in a block. After several minutes (when the tofu becomes firmer) it is stored in small packages and filled with water.

Health Benefits of Tofu
The soy protein and isoflavones in tofu are considered a powerful cholesterol fighters.

Tofu has high amounts of the trace mineral selenium which is very important for the proper functioning of the antioxidant system.

The isoflavones in tofu act as a form of estrogen in the body, and have been shown to be very helpful in alleviating the side effects associated with menopause.

As a good source of iron, tofu helps in the process of energy production.

Tofu is packed with protein which contain all essential amino acids. It is perfect alternative to meat. In fact it is even better, it has less fat and less calories than meat.

That is all about it. It is that simple. Check it out since tofu is great alternative to meat.
If all your previous attempts of eating tofu didn't end well then the preparation was not good.
Tofu is very simple food to cook with. But there are some crucial tips for making food that tastes delicious. Before cooking you should always remove all existing water out of it. Tofu is like a sponge and it is usually filled with water. To make it able to absorb other flavors you have to remove water out. You can do this by pressing it or dry frying. When you successfully removed as much water as possible then tofu is ready to became a delicious meal. Check out this tips for how to cook tofu.