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Tofu Calories

Are you worried about calories in tofu? No need. Tofu is a great food even if you are counting your calories.

How many calories are in tofu?
In 100 grams (0.22 lb) of tofu are only about 75 calories. That sounds great. And it is.
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 For comparison (estimates in 100g of food)
- meat (100 - 400 calories)
- fried eggs (195 calories)
- milk 2% (51 calories)
- cheese (150 - 350 calories)
- pizza  (200 calories)

You can see that if you are on diet and counting your daily calories it is the perfect food for you. That does not mean you can eat tons of it. Of course, calories are related to the amount of food you eat. The more you eat the more calories you get.

Where do tofu calories come from?
In 100g of tofu there is about 75 calories. 38 calories from fat + 33 calories from protein and only 4 calories from carbohydrates. Keep in mind that exact figures depend on the brand and the type of tofu. These are average numbers. Firmer tofu has more calories and softer less since it contains more water.

Calorie to Protein Ratio
For each 100 calorie serving, tofu contains 11 grams of protein. Except for soybean sprouts, tofu has the lowest ratio of any other known plant food. There are only 12 calories for each gram of usable protein in tofu. The only animal sources of protein with lower ratio are some fish and sea foods.

Carbs in Tofu
Tofu is also great when it comes to low carb diets. It contains less than 3 calories from carbs per 100 grams of tofu.

Other health benefits of tofu
- contains no cholesterol
- tofu is low in simple sugars
- low in sodium ( salt )
- good source of Calcium and many other nutrients
Read detailed tofu nutrition

So how do I cook tofu to get least calories?
Do not use too much oil. The best way is to eat it raw or to slightly fry it without oil. You can marinate it to make it taste better. Do not forget the most crucial thing when cooking tofu: remove water out of it before cooking or marinating.

Recipes for least calories
The best way is to eat it raw. Make smoothie with fruits and/or green veggies and you will get yourself a perfect and nutrient meal. Or prepare salad with some tofu. You don't have to use lots of tofu. Read more recipes for tofu.

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